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work week. >> that is your forecast. taking it to tahoe. to obama .com as you report no new snow. >> tahoe 32 to 89. >> norstar 60-79 in.. >> squaw valley a base of 23-95 in.. >> thank you erica. the 49ers are ready to move on. are already thinking and planning ahead to next season. there are clearing out their lockers at team headquarters in santa clara. quarterback colin kaepernick and his teammates could be seen trading autographs and swapping stories about their super bowl odyssey. >> coach jim harbaugh also talked to reporters yesterday at a news conference. when asked about his sideline etiquette here is what he had to say. beatin >> i etiquette. is this an etiquette question? if you are asking is my personal and it to be changed on the sideline i do not anticipate that happening. sometimes to get emotional the game is played and coached by emotional people. >> i is there anything about is etiquette as far as press conferences. >> where did that come from. i thought his an answer was good considering he did not jump out and strangle the reporter. >> but most accounts the 49
family in our community we to thank everyone for the outpouring of support at the memorial site. >> house democrats will unveil 15 proposals for curbing the violence the resemble president barack obamas plant and will include a call for banning assault weapons. >> the democrats recommendations also include barring high- capacity magazines carrying more than 10 rounds of ammunition, requiring background checks for all gun sales and prohibiting gun trafficking, all of which obama proposed last month. >> the democrats' proposal are unlikely to go anywhere quickly in the republican controlled house. a spokesperson for house speaker john boehnr , republican of ohio, has said the house will wait to see what the democrat led senate does. >> vice president joe biden or to rally democrats in congress by president obamas gun by the proposals. mr. obamas passed by the coming up with solutions following the deadly shooting in new town, conn. by in is urging fellow democrats to help and seven and tougher gun control measures. >> the president and vice president has been taking their case on gun contro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2